The Dreaded Changing Room

Before going shopping and setting yourself up for mental anguish and beating yourself up about what you see in the mirror in the changing room, the best thing you can do is to know your body type. Different clothes and material are more flattering if on the proper body type. To find your body type, take measurements  ( or with the help of a trusted friend) of your shoulders, bust,  waist, and hips. This will help ;you determine what body shape you are.

A triangular shape is where the shoulders are more narrow than the hips:



An inverted triangle is where the shoulders are broader than the hips


A round body shape has similar shoulders and hips with more weight carried in the middle.



A rectangular ( or athletic) has similar bust waist and hips



The hourglass shape has shoulders and hips of similar measurements with a defined waist.



The idea is to bring balance to  the proportions of your body. If you are small on the upper half then look for clothes that will draw the eyes up. If you have an athletic figure, then look for clothes that will create a waist or belt it. If you are smaller on the bottom choose items with fullness. If you have an hourglass figure then you are fortunate because the majority of clothes  will be flattering.  Knowing your body type not only will help you choose the right clothes for yourself it will save you time by eliminating what  will not be flattering or worse buying something and getting home only to think ” what was I thinking”

Whatever body type you are, the idea is to love your body, making it look great in clothes, resulting in more confidence and feeling better about yourself. There is a definite mind and body connection here because the way we look affects how we feel and what we believe about ourselves. So the next time you need to try on clothes, know your body type , choose clothes for your body and be confident that you will be looking great.



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