Hilary in White


On Thursday, Hilary Clinton accepted the presidential nomination for the Democratic Party. She delivered her acceptance speech in a white pantsuit. For most people her choice of clothing would have little importance and yet at closer look can be seen as a very calculated thought out move.

This is where color psychology comes to play. Different colors can be used to evoke various emotions without our being aware of it. Color also gives us ideas about the person wearing them. In movies the bad guy is in black while the good guy is in white. So Hilary’s choice of a white suit was not that random.

By wearing a comfortable cut of suit, Hilary was trying to be like the masses. She didn’t want a very tailored suit because she would be seen as elitist and this would not serve well when trying to reach an array of classes and also she wanted to appear to be an open person; you could say a formal informality. She’s saying she can get the job done (business) but is one of the people.

Hilary’s choice of color is very precise. By wearing white, she is appealing to all the people: as she said in her speech “those that vote for me and those who do not”. Had she chosen blue (the democratic color she would have alienated the republicans). White is a color of goodness; given her recent difficulties with emails, it would be in Hilary’s interests to appear. Wearing white can also be relevant because Hilary is the first presidential nominee. These are unchartered waters. But most importantly white signifies honesty, openness, comfort, peace and hope. Hilary’s speech was full of the positive hopeful future for all as opposed to fear and closed off words used by Trump. Also note that though the suit was white it was not a pristine cold white that could appear distant, rather it was a warmer more approachable white.

Whatever her reasons for wearing white, I am sure it was chosen very carefully with a great amount of thought. So the next time you are speaking in front of people give thought to the color you wear and the message you want to send to your audience about yourself.



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