The Splendors of Spring

With freezing temperatures and 40 cm snowstorms, it’s hard to believe that Spring is around the corner. And yet , it may be that thinking about that is what will keep my spirits up.  Spring is a time for re-birth after the darkness of winter; the spring trends have the same optimism and renewal.  There are so many beautiful trends coming for Spring ; a few that stand out for me are:


Dark Denim

Denim is always a trend. This season, dark denim on denim is in the spotlight.

Fringe and Feathers

Fringe is always fun , frivolous and free and feathers are so light and airy. Takes away the heaviness of winter.

Lavender Love

Lavender is the color of beauty, grace and femininity. It’s considered the “grown up ” version of pink and was in full bloom on the runways.

Fanny Packs

Fanny packs were big in the 80 and then became a tourist staple. Last year, fanny packs were e-bay’s biggest seller.  They continue to be a big trend for Spring 2018.

White Suits

Pants suits have been coming back for the past few seasons. They are easy to wear and very versatile and white suits are no exception. For spring white suits come in all shapes and sizes from fitted to oversized.


Anoraks and Plastic

The new jacket must have for spring is the Anorak. From transparent plastic to bomber style, the anorak is your best choice for outerwear. Its much more appealing than the plastic sheet we run to get when caught in a sudden downpour.